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Is this offer gonna be available in the UK?

sbbraveenough: #iambraveenough

Is this offer gonna be available in the UK?

Alcohol: Part 2

After that essay gushing about Sara B, I realised some people might end up browsing through older articles, so I would like to post a retraction.

A few months ago I made an anti-alcohol post. Screw that. I got drunk, liked it, have been drunk a few times since, liked it again, therefore alcohol = yay.

That post was made when I was feeling particularly sorry for myself. Self pitying is one of my greatest skills. Anyways, I took the rod out of my arse and loosened up. So drunken shenanigans are now a more common occurence in my life.

I hope you’re all proud of me.

With a delicate soul, I don’t claim to know much…

This woman. This woman right here is legendary.

And she goes by the name of Sara Bareilles. If you’re a yank, you might have an idea who she is. If you’re my mate, you’re probably aware of her, as there is a 95% chance I have tried to brainwash you into listening to her music at some point. If you’re neither of these things, how about this:

“I’m not gonna write you a love song [insert funky piano breakdown]”

There we go. Sara Bareilles is the lovely lady who enjoyed belting out this classic (TBC) back in 2008. It reached #4 in the UK, and hung around for a fair amount of time so in theory, you have a vague recollection of her.

Anyways, she is amazing. I could get all poetic, whip out my thesaurus and type out as many synonyms as my fingers allow (“or just press Shift + F7” – Bill Gates), but it would all be a bit futile as “amazing” sums her up perfectly. Watch her performances, read her interviews – the woman is a star. Her personality is sparklier than something out of Twilight (never read or seen it, but apparently the vampires sparkle? What’s that about? Joss Whedon needs to have words). She is hilariously witty, has the mouth of a sailor and has taught me swear words I never knew existed. Plus she has the most gorgeous voice, is an exceptionally talented pianist and can write a killer song or 50.

And the reason I fell in love with Ms. Bareilles?

Little Voice.

Like a few other million people around the world, I fell for her charms after hearing Love Song. The bouncy piano, the soaring chorus, the fact it was actually kinda bitchy considering it was called Love Song – there wasn’t a lot not to love. There are not a lot of people who break into the mainstream by writing a song about sticking two fingers up to the people trying to convince you to write a song for the mainstream.

I had the album for my 21st birthday (the realisation of this has just knocked me for six and I suddenly feel old) and GASP I wasn’t that impressed. Now, I’m a fussy person though I have got better. If an album didn’t smack me in the face on first listen, I wouldn’t give it a lot of my time. I enjoyed One Sweet Love, Love On The Rocks and Many The Miles and that was about it. I gave it another chance or two but decided to move on with my exciting, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants life and left the CD on my shelf.

That was until summer last year, when my previously mentioned roller coaster lifestyle forced me to take a week off from work. I had nowt else to do bar scratch myself in unsanitary places so decided to revisit a few old albums, Little Voice included.

Oh my.

It clicked. It just clicked. I completely, head-over-heels fell in love. After living with it properly for about 9 months or so, barely a day goes by when I don’t listen to a song from it. On my it is my most played album of the past year, it regularly provides the soundtrack to my trips back and forth to work, and every song on there has been given five stars on my PC. An accolade shared only by five other albums (Tangled Up, Fever, Spice, Spiceworld and The Fame Monster, if you’re interested).

Now I hate it when people say this about albums, but it’s like she stalked me for a few months and wrote down all my thoughts and feelings, turned them into songs and sold a couple of million copies. Without crediting me. Not on, Bareilles.

But seriously, I identify with every single song on here, and I’ve never had that before with an entire album. I’m more of a vibe person, attaching memories and feelings to songs for bizarre reasons, rarely taking the meaning literally. But this time, I didn’t have to do that, as she crawled into my head and read my filthy, perverted mind. We are the same person. The fact I’ve never been seen in the same room as her supports this theory.

There’s two pretty clear themes with the album – being a bit lost and confused about what you want to do with your life, and wanting something/somebody you can’t have. That’s a pretty big generalisation obviously, but that covers a fair bit of it nicely.

Vegas is a mood, understated, bluesy midtempo about not knowing if the grass is greener on the other side. Everybody is telling you Option A is better, than Option B, but then your neighbour offers up Option C, and don’t even get me started on D and E. And that’s what this song is about. Starting off as a meandering soundtrack to your own confusion, it builds up and up until you just want to scream out “Next stop – VEGAS PLEASE”.

Between The Lines is a delicate ode to wanting something you can’t have. We’ve all been there. A beautiful melody, perfectly capturing that feeling of being left in a corner, watching everything happen in front of you while you sit there helplessly. “You and me, always between the lines.”

Love On The Rocks is the funkiest track on the album, and when I finally get to see her live, I will demand she performs this. I will most likely rush the stage if she doesn’t – that’s fair warning for you, Sara. A cheeky little track about being with somebody who’s just not really much good for you, the uplifting chorus always gets you bopping your head. It’s melancholic, but witty and when it comes to that final chorus, you just get lost in it. “If this bottle could talk….LOVE ON THE ROCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS”. Ahem.

Many The Miles is the most restrained frustrated song I’ve heard in a long time. Almost as funky as Love On The Rocks, you can feel the passion burning up inside her, wondering when she’s gonna get to where she’s aiming for. The breakdown towards the end was built for a crowd sing-along and as her tour DVD shows, it does the job pretty well. “How far do I have to go to get to you, many the miles”.

The rest of the tracks are equally brilliant but I won’t bore you anymore as I’ve gone on quite a bit now. However, I will mention one more.

The simply stunning, Gravity. It’s hard to believe I left this song on the CD, not being listened to, for over two years. Just like the album, it’s become one of my most played songs, never being able to skip it whenever it comes on shuffle. Serving as the epic closing track, it is nothing short of breathtaking, and sums up a lot of the feelings on the album. The song is about trying to break free of somebody, dreaming of the day when you’re not under their spell, when they don’t have that effect on you. The fragile piano, the angelic vocals and the poetic lyrics make up one of my favourite songs. Ever. I try to think of a song I want to listen to more than this, and none come to mind. If I were to choose one song that I could have written, it would be this.

And while listening to this song, and writing about it, I receive a text that reminds me why it means so much to me. And why I almost wish I didn’t.

So that’s that. I will recommend this album to anybody willing to pay attention to me. It’s smart, uplifting, enthralling, magical, beautiful and heartbreaking all at the same time. She is ridiculously talented and I’m so glad I have this album in my life.

Plus she was in 30 Rock. Amazing.

Making the best of a bad situation

I’ve never really understood why, when acts are dropped, their record companies don’t try to make the best of a bad situation. They have pumped money into an act that has proved unsuccessful, but there is still material recorded. Usually, a small fan base has been built up and there is some demand for an album of material from this act. If it exists, what does it achieve by locking it away?

Years ago, before the days of the internet, it was understandable. Record companies could reuse the songs as they want and nobody would be the wiser. But in this day and age, if an act is promoting their upcoming album, fans will become aware of these songs making them pretty much unusable elsewhere. Pop fans, though loyal, can be unforgiving. Trying to pull the wool over their eyes is never a good idea.

Also, originality is more important than ever, so palming off one acts’ rejects on somebody else is never going to fool anybody.

This goes the same for leaks. I don’t like it when songs rejected songs leak. It dilutes the original album, as fans go on the warpath, tearing the original tracklisting to pieces and throwing their arms up demanding the album be reissued exactly to their specifications. I like to think that when an artist releases an album, it is a “body of work” (pretentious phrase siren) and they are presenting it as they want it to be heard. They left off certain songs for a reason. Obviously there are times when this isn’t the case and it’s a record company album. But I like to think this, as naive as it may seem.

So anyway, if songs do leak why don’t record companies, again, make the best of a bad situation?

What is the harm in putting them up on iTunes? I may not understand the details, but surely uploading a song online must be a relatively straight-forward process. I’m guessing there is some sort of process to it, and it’s not instant, but surely in the long run, if there are fans wanting the music, there are fans willing to pay for it. Why not make a small amount of cash from them? Surely it’s better than giving them away for free…

Kylie’s X sessions, Leona’s Echo album, Mini Viva’s unreleased debut, Girls Can’t Catch’s unreleased debut etc. The list goes on.

I’m not talking about every single unreleased song from every artist around. I’m simply talking about music that is already “out there” in some form. The fans are aware of it - the fans want it. Bang it on iTunes, claim a few royalties. Everyone’s a winner.


In a semi-related note (and the main reason for this rant), Mini Viva were amazing. I Wish is still amazing. I heard it in Republic yesterday and danced around the changing room to it.

Here’s the equally amazing Cahill remix. I’m assuming you all know the fantastic radio mix:

So amazing. This article was basically a very long way of saying “Can the Mini Viva album please be put on iTunes?”. Thank you.

Amazing winter playlist is amazing

This is an old winter playlist I made. Amazing.

· Cheryl Cole - 3 Words · All Saints - War of Nerves · Liberty X - The Poet · Blue - Fly By II · Sugababes - Unbreakable Heart · The Saturdays - Chasing Lights · Olive - You’re Not Alone · Darren Hayes - Darkness · Liberty X - In My Bed · Pussycat Dolls - I Hate This Part · Alanis Morissette - Tapes · Kylie Minogue - All I See · Destiny’s Child - Cater 2 U · All Saints - Black Coffee · Jennifer Hudson - Spotlight · Girls Aloud - Memory Of You · Natalie Imbruglia - Smoke · All Saints - Take the Key · Steps - When I Said Goodbye · Darren Hayes - Sense Of Humor · Steps - Make It Easy on Me · Spice Girls - Take Me Home · Agnes - Love Me Senseless · Darren Hayes - I Just Want You to Love Me · The Saturdays - Fall · Liberty X - Everybody Cries · Atomic Kitten - Be With U · Liberty X - Breathe · Celine Dion - Falling into You · Melanie C - Nothern Star · Girls Aloud - The Loving Kind (Radio Mix) · Sugababes - Too Lost in You · Atomic Kitten - The Last Goodbye · All Saints - Dreams · Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love · George Michael - Fastlove · Janet Jackson - I Get Lonely


Liz: Hi, my name is Liz Lemon and I received flowers from your shop tonight and I can’t tell who they’re from… No, no, I did read the card but it’s not signed…. no, I’m not with so many men that it’s impossible for me to guess… well, that is just… oh, well you know what, I found the card, actually, they’re from your mom, so tell your gay mom I said thanks!

30 Rock is the best show on TV at the moment. And here is conclusive proof of this.


fuckyeahlizlemon | sometwine (via this genius)


fuckyeahlizlemon | sometwine (via this genius)


giselebock | cheia | defyingthefates

Liz, Pete, Kenneth and Jack in HD
- 30 Rock, 4x07 Dealbreakers Talk Show #0001

(via ambientrarity)


giselebock | cheia | defyingthefates

Liz, Pete, Kenneth and Jack in HD

- 30 Rock, 4x07 Dealbreakers Talk Show #0001

(via ambientrarity)

Baby, you’re a firework

I have completely fallen for Katy Perry. I’ve always loved her personality - she’s fun, outrageous, bubbly, geeky and completely 100% down to earth. She’s one of the most famous women on the planet and could be anybody’s best friend. Amazing.

However, I never cared for her music. I Kissed A Girl and Hot N Cold did their job and were thrilling enough. I’d call them above average, but I never once saw her as anybody of much substance or standing. I saw her as lucky. One Of The Boys barely interested me, and apart from the other singles and the title track, the whole thing ended up being filed under ‘Do Not Get’.

Then came Teenage Dream.This is the Katy Perry I’ve come to love.

12 songs of pure, unashamed pop. Big pop melodies, smart lyrics, anthemic production. But it’s not just that. She’s channelling her personality brilliantly and her warmth and fun fill every single song. Her character shines through every single second.

With Last Friday Night, she manages to be tackle the worn out subject of partying without much originality but bags of wit, confidence and not a hint of self-consciousness. It could easily sound so try-hard and fake but you can completely believe she gets arrested, has a threesome and crashed random bars on a weekly basis. Probably because she does. As well as that, hands-in-the-air chorus manages to capture that feeling perfectly and never once feels contrived.

Teenage Dream does the exact same thing. It’s all about young love, but there’s so much conviction and passion in her music. The chorus can either be a carefree chant or a desperate plea to her lover and works excellently both ways. The emotion is seeping out of every single pore and sinks into you. When I finally find myself a man, this will be the song I will play to remind me of him (as long as I like him, obvs).

Circle The Drain seems to have been referred to as the You Oughta Know for this decade. I think that’s a bit of an exageration, as Circle The Drain is still very much a pop song, not really capturing the unrivalled and downright frightening bitterness of the Alanis track. But again, the passion can leave you breatheless. When I finally dump the guy I haven’t found yet, this will be the song I will play to make me forget him.

Peacock’s cheekiness, Firework’s soaring chorus, ET, Who Am I Living For, Not Like The Movies etc etc etc. Whichever track I pick, I’m finding something ridiculously brilliant about it. Basically, Katy Perry has made my list (of amazing popstars I now love - not some Richard Nixon-esque dealy).

What’s the point in worrying about being cool, when there’s a million things to learn they never teach you school?

Kylie Minoge/Nerina Pallot (if we’re getting technical)

Liberty X

At some point, I think I may profess my love for Liberty X in more detail. And Steps (of course).

Pop really isn’t the same anymore, is it?

Ask me things

Do I have that question asking dealy people seem to have? If I do, please ask me questions.

The Fame

Controversial opinion - The Fame is too long. I love a good whack of the songs on there, but I think the main reason I don’t consider it one of my favourite albums is it’s length. The Fame Monster shines as it’s a relatively short burst of perfect pop. Eight songs - no rubbish.

However, the UK edition of The Fame is far too bogged down with random tracks. It was nice of the record company to chuck on all the bonus tracks from around the world, but I don’t think it’s anywhere near cohesive enough. This would be my tracklisting:

  1. Poker Face
  2. Lovegame
  3. Paparazzi
  4. Boys Boys Boys
  5. Just Dance
  6. Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
  7. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
  8. Again Again
  9. Money Honey
  10. The Fame


I’m gonna justify it. I Like It Rough and Disco Heaven are too generic for GaGa at her best. I don’t think Paper Gangsta and Starstruck are very GaGa, and feels a bit too much like “This album needs to be a bit less gay”. Summerboy doesn’t fit my tracklisting. Brown Eyes sucks.

Now, the order. GaGa is all about impact. As the Spice Girls prove, 10 track albums are amazing, and when done correctly, have the perfect amount of impact. BANG. 10 AMAZING TRACKS. GOODBYE. Job done.

Also, Just Dance being the opening track is a bit too predictable for my taste. Putting it as track 5 is pretty cocky, and rightfully so. Like this, it would have been an amazing album.

So there we have it. Obviously this has just become my album playlist, and the album has sold 150 trazillion copies so somehow, I don’t think the wonky tracklist did it any harm. But that’s just something I felt the need to put out there on a warm summer’s evening. Bonza.

Got no more to say…other than WOW (which is kinda funny since Wow is like a distant cousin of Get Outta My Way and SUCKS). What a song. What a video. What a superstar. Kylie - you are pop music.

I would also quite like a disco floor, if possible.

Start it up and never stop

Rant, I’ve ranted enough for one day. LET’S BE HAPPY.

This album is amazing. There are plenty of albums that didn’t receive the adoration us pop fans think they deserve, but we can say that because we’re pop fans. Obvs. But for some inexplicable reason, this album seems to have been forgotten, even in the pop world. It doesn’t flow too well and benefits from a bit of a rejig, and I can understand people being put off by S Club doing garage, but in my eyes they pull it off. The songs are solid. More than solid. They’re rock hard. You could punch the majority of them with an iron fist and you would break your knuckles. And rightfully so - why would you try to punch a song? Idiot.

But there is one song. One song that stands up above the rest. There are about 5 songs that stand out as being potential career-redefining-hits-that-never-were-I’m-looking-at-you-Cattermole: Who Do You Think You Are, Dance, Let Me Sleep etc. But this one song surpasses them all. We’re talking 150mph on a motorway, getting chased by the police, running red lights, not indicating when changing lanes good.

Do. It. Till. We. Drop.

Please ignore them looking bored out of their minds. I’m assuming the complex script and method acting was tiring them out.

But this song is so full of spontaneous glee and fun, it should be criminal. This would have been their new Reach. Ok, maybe Rachel’s vocals aren’t spot on, but Rachel is AMAZING so the one cancels out the other.

Let’s analyse the amazingness:

  • The intro - no messing. Straight into the action. It reeks of summer so much you can practically smell traffic jams.
  • The trumpets/trombones/horn things - CARNIVAL, BABY. It’s audio confetti. You can hear the glitter pouring down on you. It’s the soundtrack to 3 minutes of spinning around in a circle like a kid at a wedding.
  • Bradley’s rap. It’s so impressive he manages not to say ‘Cock keeps ticking’ which I say nearly every time I sing it.
  • "GetbackwiddarhiddumcosImfeelinyaflow" - Nuff said.
  • "Before we run out of time" "when you turn me around". Basically any bit of the song that uses this melody. It’s sounds like a command to dance. It’s like you’re being begged to dance. You can’t not dance to it. Seriously. You can’t. Put it on and try and stay still. YOU WILL FAIL.
  • The chorus - There are so many little nuances and well-calculated pauses which would have made for a ridiculously epic dance routine. It would have been their Vogue (maybe not).
  • "Be." - Just the "Be" when Rachel says "I wanna be with your darling". No other Be. Just that one. They double up her vocals and a beat hits all at the same time. It’s so pointless but it gets me every single time. It gives the song a bit of passion and just tugs at your heart strings. "PLEASE JUST DANCE WITH ME, WE COULD BE SO AMAZING TOGETHER".
  • The ‘I’m trying to be non-chalant but I’m actually so desperate to dance with you it makes me sad’ - angle to the whole song. Maybe this is me reading too much into it, but the underlying sadness and melancholy to such a joyous song makes it all the more amazing. All the best songs are secretly miserable.
  • It’s the perfect link between pop-S Club and club-S Club. It’s happy medium. It’s the middle ground. It’s Switzerland. It’s the point so many acts strive to get to when trying to “grow up” and S Club do it so very well.
  • The remaining 3ish minutes that I haven’t mentioned in detail. There’s not a single second of this song that doesn’t rock my socks like a fiend.
  • Being preceeded by Gangsta Love and Who Do You Think You Are. Obviously this has nothing to do with the song, but the build up is almost as amazing as the pay off.

Ok, so I think I’ve written the most I’ve ever written about a song. And probably made the longest post I’ll make on here in a while. But S Club warrant this level of fanaticism. If we all loved S Club this much, there wouldn’t be a recession.

That’s a scientific fact, btw. William Hague told me.

Please bare in mind that if you disagree with this post, there is a 94% chance you are wrong. Please refer to the song again and fall in love. Thank you and goodnight.